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Our Company

What’s in a name? At Exit & Retirement Strategies, Inc. (ERSI), we adopted our title in 1995, but the company ethos has remained unchanged since our founding in 1972.

Our Purpose

To help you retire on your own terms with confidence and clarity. Our independence is essential to our success and we report solely to you, our clients. At ERSI, we care deeply about the best interests of our clients. With our client-centered focus, we have been Colorado’s comprehensive, client-centered wealth management practice for over 40 years.

Our Commitment

You are unique, and so is the path you forged throughout your career. Therefore, our recommendations will be customized to your individual situation. Our advisors only present solutions and investments that they find worthy of your portfolio.  

Our Process

Nothing grows relationships like time. At ERSI, we have watched our client relationships mature over several phases: Understanding, Analysis, Implementation and Management.

Here’s a brief look at the way we work:

Understanding: We start with a broad perspective: What do you want to achieve? What motivates you? What do you value most? The right questions yield the best answers.
Analysis: After learning about your goals, we hone in on the best strategies that fulfill them. Our analysis will present a menu of strategic solutions tailored to your needs.
Implementation: After you select your comprehensive plan, we’ll coordinate the implementation with your entire team including legal, accounting and trust professionals.
Management: In the financial world, change is the only certainty. At ERSI, we monitor your plans carefully so you can adapt to the constantly evolving economic and political world.