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Our Team

Stephen Brubaker

Wealth Management Advisor

To postpone is punishing; to plan is priceless. That has been my philosophy since I started at ERSI, and it continues to dictate the way I work with clients. Through the education component, I help my clients confront their financial...
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Jim Brubaker


As the founding principal of ERSI, I strive to increase business value and owner confidence. My philosophy is simple: success starts with goal-setting. All business owners have a vision for their companys future, but few know how to...
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Chad A. Leigh

Wealth Management Advisor

For all of the numbers involved in financial planning, emotion is often the largest component at play. As a Wealth Management Advisor, I have the unique opportunity to inspire, motivate and challenge people to fulfill their potential....
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Jennifer Kast

Service Advisor

I began my career at Chase Bank. Having started at one of the biggest firms in the industry, I quickly discovered my desire to work in the financial industry on a more boutique level. When the opportunity to join Jim Brubaker at ERSI...
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Mary Vigil

Operations Manager

Before becoming Operations Manager at ERSI, I started my career in 1993 at Principal Financial Group. I later worked as Office Manager at a John Hancock regional office and have since been with ERSI for over 10 years. I enjoy working...
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Gayle Barnett

Insurance Underwriting Specialist

As an Administrative Assistant, I enjoy the variety of tasks and responsibilities while working with people who I consider friends. Approaching 29 years of working with Jim Brubaker, our business has evolved through various product and...
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Jacquie Albertsen

Client Specialist

Over the past 30 years, my career has spanned from the insurance related fields, Principal Financial and State Farm. Ever since joining ERSI, there is no place I would rather work. My coworkers are friends and our clients are like...
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